Monday, October 5, 2009

Looking for some help please ladies **2nd candy draw added*** and Paige update!

Hi everyone,

Paige update:......we are home by nana's!!!!! paige is doing so well. she is able to walk now and sit up in a chair. her appetite is back and she is able to sleep through the night now without a nurse or doctor barging in to poke or prod her. no more needles for a long time!!!!

thank you again to all of you!!!!


I looking for some help here. For those of you who read my last post, I mentioned briefly of the condition of my neighbor. She, Paige age 13, was in a serious boating accident a few weeks ago and just had part of her arm amputated. The doctors are working to save the rest, but are unsure how much they can do. Here is a link to the article that describes it more in detail. Included in the article it mentions they've run out of room for flowers and stuffed animals, but cards are welcome. Well my family and I really want to something and I thought amazing cards from all you wonderful ladies would be just what could cheer Paige up. She is one of those girls that ALWAYS wears a smile.

I'll be offering up some BLOG CANDY for anyone who mails a card either to me to hand deliver or directly to Paige using the address from the article.
Cards can be mailed to Paige Welch at Boston Children's Hospital, 300 Longwood Ave., Boston, MA 02115.

All you need to do is make a card for Paige, post on your blog, leave a comment here and mail it out. Not only will you then be entered in the drawing but you'll also be helping a very sweet girl and her family through a very hard time. I'd love to reach 100 cards for her!!!

Thank you in advance for all your help. OK So I have......
pack of SU prints pack
Queen & Co brads
Clear stamp set
Some adhesive ric rak
A spool of ribbon
Some adhesive fabric tape
Letter pins
Some stamped images
PLUS a bag of assorted brads, buttons, charms, eyelets flowers etc(not shown)

******And the super fabulous and amazingly talented Katie from Paper makeup Stamps has so generously donated 4 stamps for my blog candy with a cause. Thank you Katie so much!!! The stamps are Donna the Nurse fairy, the hope fairy, toothfairy and teddy. Hugs to you hun!!
Please spread the word, thanks.
*******The fantastically generous and creative Katharina from Whiff of Joy has also added 4 brand new releases to this blog candy with a cause!!!! These aren't even available yet!!! Thank you so much Katharina!!!
******And super talented (OK I'm ruuning out of adjectives, but we all know he rocks!!) Dustin Pike is offering digis for EVERYONE who sends a card to Paige. Thank you so much!!!!!!

****That sweet little bear image at the top of the post is the newest digi image from Whimsy Stamps!! One of the talented designers created this Teddy for Paige over the weekend. All proceeds from the sale of this image go right to Paige's medical fund. Check out the Whimsy site to get your own bear. The blog candy winner will also win the download!! Big hugs to Denise and her designer for getting this bear so quicjkly and so cute!!! It's amazing!

***I just received a touching email from Janice of Sunshine and giggles. She worked very hard to get 4 new images done to donate for my blog candy. They are 4 new stamps from Sunshine and Giggles Christmas/Winter line. The line was not set to be unveiled until Oct. 1 but Janice wanted to have them available for you to pre-order because Sunshine & Giggles will donate $2.00 per stamp for every stamp purchased between now- Sept. 07 and Oct. 31, 2009. I posted a sneak peek of a visit from Santa stamp. How awesome is that!!! Janice, I'm so touched by your generosity and your hard work thank you!!!!

****Lindsay from Lindsay's stamping stuff has also generously donated 3 digi images to the blog candy. They are a cute witch, harry the spider and haloween pumpkins. Lindsay thanks so much you and the images are super sweet!!!

****I also received a post under my blog candy that Shelly Schmidt will be donating an Inkadinkado stamp set called Winter Birds! So amazing Shelly Thanks so much! I'll try to get a pic to post with the others

***WOW this post is getting long. I can not express enough how touched I am by everyone who has made a card and by all the fabulous people who have donated and offered to help!! Big hugs to you all. I have 20 cards right now to give to Paige just from Fri and Sat so I am waiting for the mail today to bring over a big stack!!!! *** I also wanted to add Victoria Case's donation to this list. She is posting shortly about Paige and offering a free digi to everyone who mails Paige a card!!!!!! That was a great email to open this MOnday am!! Thanks Victoria, you're amazing!!!!

****I received a very touching email from Donna from My Artistic Release. She wants to help by donating a big box of stamps!!! So we decided to add a second drawing!!! The winner of the second drawing will receive this amazing package from Donna!! Big hugs to you hun!!!!!

*****Another one to add today! Elizabeth from Soft Pencil has donated a wonderful prize pack to add to the candy, including some digi images and paper. She also wanted everyone who has sent Paige a card to grab this witch image as a giant thank you!!! Big thanks to you too Elizabeth. Here's the image, you should be able to click and save!

I think I'll keep the candy thru the end of the week, I have over 100 posts + about 40 emails from people without blogs or people who didn't want to enter the candy! So we're so close to 200 so let's make that our new goal!!! Thanks so much!!

I also just want to add another big thank you for everyone who has mailed out so far, your support is greatly appreciated in so many ways!! Now let's keep 'em coming!!!

The last update I have is that Paige recently had surgery on her arm adn has to undergo two more.
If you're mailing to me, email me and I'll email back my addy.
Thanks for stoppin' by!


Maria Matter

oh my, my heart goes out to her and her family!
This is a great idea Erin, I will post and make a will my daughter (same age)

Blessings, Maria

Boni Boutelle-Jones

Very cool Erin - Count me in!!!


Of course I will do this hun!!

Leah l'Orange

absolutely glad to be able to create for such a good cause. here's my post with a little hedgie card. but i wanted to also ask you if Paige is a girlie girl who would wear a beaded necklace with a butterfly pendant, or if she's more tomboyish. my husband makes beaded necklaces and said i could pick one to send to Paige with my card. please let me know! :)

Ida / Little

Hi Erin, I have posted it on my blog and will be sending Paige a card. But no need to put me in the candy! I was horrified by reading the article, and at the same time amazed by how well she is facing the reality of loosing her arm. You are doing a great thing for your neighbours Erin!!

Hugs Ida


Erin, I have just read about Paige - what a terrible tragedy. I can't imagine what her parents must be going through. I will happily post a card out to her hun.

Caryn xxx


I am so saddened to read this Erin as I do know personally what her family are going through just now as my son lost his leg after an accident when he was 11 years old. I would love to send Paige a card - gotta keep that wee girl smiling.
Please pass onto the family they are in my thoughts and prayers.
Nicola -x-
Nicola -x-

Stef H

oh how sad. one thing about children... they are resilient - thank goodness. i'll be happy to send a card to you for her. my email is



Hello Erin,A card will go out from me to that sweet child,I do not want to be in for the candy,I am just wishing to offer her my prayers and hope she will be able to adjust her life to the tradgedy she has undergone.I will be saying my prayers for her and please keep us informed of her progress.I have made myself a follower so you can post and let us all know,Eunice

~Denise Lynn~

Such a sad and horrible situation. I'm going to make my SS card just for her and will mail it to you this weekend. Also posted a blurb and links on my blog, hope you get tons of cards for her!

Tracey Lynn 'Fred' Miller

I blogged about your Card Drive and Nolan, Emma & I are "on the case"! I'll email you tomorrow for mailing address.

Hugs, Fred.

Jovita AKA Tia Goofy

Posted my card, here is the link, mailing out today. Have a wonderful day.


What a worthwile cause! I will make one and also add a link to this on my blog. Blessings!

* Shell B.*

Hey Erin,
I have a card going out to Paige tomorrow........I read the article on Paige's accident, my heart goes out to her and family also.

I'll be putting this on my Blog also.
This is such a cool idea to help Paige out.......thank you!



Erin, I want to email you but can't access your email. Could you email me your address?


What a fab idea Erin, and my heart goes out to Paig and her family. I will get a card made and post it direct to the hospital.
Cathy xx


Hi Erin,
What a great idea. I haven't read the article yet (off to read it in a min) but I will make a card for her today and my Son who is 11 also wants to send her one.

Lora x


Please send your address. I have been sending cards to a friend in Tasmania whose granddaughter has leukemia, she's 8, so another girl card is ready to mail.


Erin, I just wanted to link you to my card for Paige. Thanks for doing this! HUGS

Do What You Love

What a sweet idea to band together for your neighbor's daughter! I am happy to help out Erin! I left my card on the Stamp Sometihng blog. I always have trouble with the tag -a here thing. :P


Oh how tradgic for Paige and her family! I shall send a card for you to pass on and have put a link on my blog. I can't image how distraught Paige must be feeling, I really hope that the surgery has been successful in saving part of her arm, what an awful thing to happen. My heart goes out to Paige and her family.
Shelly xx


Sent a card out this Sorry for Paige and the whole family..
Hugs, Nancy

Marianne's Craftroom

Poor little girl, makes me so sad. My card is on my blog and will be in the post to her. Sending her cards is a lovely idea, hope she gets loads. Have mentioned in my post too. Marianne x

Karla Sue

I sent a card out today! I have 3 granddaughters her age. I will also post the story link on my blog. Thank you for including us. Hugs!


That's so sad erin!!! My heart goes out to her and her family.


Lovely thing to do Erin, I've made my card and put it on my blog with links to here.

I'll email you to get your addy as would be nice for you to be able to deliver your huge pile of cards in person.

Well done you



this is a great idea! I will make her a card tonight and pop it in the mail. Bless you for helping this girl :)


Erin I would love to help out! Do you know if Paige has any special favs(colors etc), likes or interests that could be incorporated into a card to make it special just for her? Our prayers for her and her family for a quick recovery and healing, mind body and spirit.


Hi Erin
i came from Dustin's blog, and really Paige's news broke my heart, praying for her and family
I'm mailing the card tomorrow to the hospital's address.
Thanks for the idea, it's very good.


My card is up on my blog and hope to have it in the mail tomorrow.


will definetely have something in the post by Monday - thanks for bringing her to our attention - I love making cards but it is so much better when it is for such a worthwhile cause.

hugs Beccy x


so said to here what has happend! i saw it on katharina's blog and just had to hop an over! i'll try to make a nice card for here from holland!


Kevin Renz


Got my card sent, thanks so much for sharing her story.


Reading this just brought tears to my eyes, that poor little girl and her poor family. I can't even imagine what they are going trough.

I shipped a card to her today (to the hospital address) and posted about her on my blog here:

I hope many will join in to try and put a smile back on her face.

Hugs, Naoual xx

Diamond Doll

Will defintely make a card,Paige and her family need a lot of love at the moment.
Trish (-:


Oh my goodness Erin, what a totally good cause, i am so delighted to make Paige a card. I have so enjoyed putting it together, and Paige has helped a little bit of my mojo return. I have posted the card on my blog HERE Hope you like it Erin.

Hugs Linda Erin can you email me your address so i can forward the card to you. My email address is


My thoughts are with Paige & her family. Wonderful idea Erin. My daughter Poppy aged 12 has also made a card for Paige. I will make sure that they go in the post on Monday.

here is my post

Hugs Mel

Gunn (MsPlum)

Count me inn for this one! Poor little girl.



Little Paige is in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure the whole family will appreciate what you are doing for her!

Can you please email me your address so I can send my card to you? Thanks!


I'm making a card tonight. I just found this through Naoual's blog. I'll post it on my blog as soon as my card is done. Thanks for sharing!

BTW...I have a 13 year old DD who also wants to join in. :)

Leah l'Orange

hey Erin, i posted a pic of the necklace my hubbin made HERE... can you let me know if you think she'd wear it? i can pick something else if you don't think it's her style....

thank you! (i plan to mail this out with my card on tuesday)

Crazy Creations

I will make a card I have a 13 year old can you send me your addy Sarah

Susie Sugar

What a lovely thing you are doing for Paige, I hope all the cards she receives will help in some small way to brighten her day.
I have a son the same age and I can't imagine what Paige and her family are going through my heart goes out to them
Love & Hugs Susie xxHere is my card for Paige


what a wonderful way to cheer up your neighbour here's my card for Paige


Hi Erin! I'm posting out a card tomorrow for Paige (to your address), I'd be grateful if you could pass it on to her. Sending Paige and her family lots of hugs, Shelly xx


Hi Erin

this is a wonderful thing you are doing - I will send Paige a card directly to the addy you quote. I will also post this on my blog.


Linda . J

Erin, I have just read about Paige - what a terrible tragedy. I I will happily post a card out to her and shall post the one I made today for her.
Hugs Linda

Mary Lou

Erin what a wonderful gesture. My heart goes out to Paige and family. I posted on my blog and am sending This Card. I will keep Paige and family in my prayers :)
Mary Lou


Hi! Prayers are being said in their name. I made a card last night and posted about it on my blog. I hope it puts a smile on this little girls face.


Ohhh wowww Erin,what a beautiful blog candy.

Hugs Riet.x

Stacie (craft-princess)

Here is my post and card for Paige.

I will e-mail you for your address so I can mail it out.

I hope she gets 100 cards and more!!!


Hi I've made a card for Paige but would like your addy so I can send you it but can't find an email link to email you. I've posted about your candy and this campaign on my blog.

Crazy Creations

I just got done with mine its going out Tuesday for you ,Your a great person its a wonderful thing your doing .Hugs Sarah


Fabulous candy and for such a wonderful cause. My card is ready to pop in the post to the hospital tomorrow and I will post links and hope it helps to get Paige even more cards.
hugs Heather xx


Count me in too. Sent you an email.


Oh this family is in my prayers dear and this is such a wonderful thing for you to do. I have made a card and it will go postal Tuesday when the mail goes. You can find it Here

Vanessa (aka V'ness, Nessa, oldschool)

my card is made & I will post it to my blog shortly
hugs to all involved :)


I put a card in the mail yesterday and passed on this info to my stamp club. I bet she gets a whole lot more cards than 100. I am seeing the link to your blog on blogs from around the world. From reading the article, it sounds like a miracle that she is alive.

Lynda Nielsen

Ohhhh My This is such sad news. When I read it the other day I literally cried. My heart goes out to Paige and her family. What a brave girl. Of course I wanted to send her a card, so I got right to work on it. She's so brave, and could use lots of cheering up I'm sure. I just posted my card on my blog, along with some information in hopes that others will join in.
I will be mailing it out first thing tomorrow.
Big Hugs
Lynda =)

Lynda Nielsen

Oops, don't know why my link doesn't work,
But... we'll try again
Here it is...

Thanks =)

Boni Boutelle-Jones

Erin - I am so proud of you and your good works!! You totally ROCK in my book!!

the paper bug

I'm praying for Paige. How terrible. I've posted some deets on my blog;

I hope others will send love her way as well. I'll e-mail you for your address.

Congrats on the TGF Club Anya win btw! ;)


the paper bug

Ack! Can't seem to link to your e-mail address. Can you please e-mail me? Pretty please....? ;)


what a great thing you are doing Erin - of course I will make a card, and get it right in the mail!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


Erin, looks like you are getting a lot of thoughtful cardmakers to send Paige some cards. My heart goes out to her and her family. You can see my card here

Gunn (MsPlum)

Hi Erin!

Here is my card for Paige. Waiting for your adress to get it posted.

I hope she is feeling bette, she sounds like a very brave young woman!


Janiel/ janny

I am so sorry to hear this and that it has hit so close to you...

I am wondering is the hospital address still a good one?? Is she stil in the hospital??
I will be sending my card tomorrow. Tuesday September 8
here is the link....
here you can view the card for Paige

Melissa Craig

Hi Erin, I don't know how to reach you personally so I'll comment here. This is such a wonderful thing you're doing for your friends and I'll certainly have a card in the mail to her tomorrow. I am a design team member for Sunshine and Giggles and I also have my own challenge blog, Tuesday Morning Sketches. I will be featuring this card call on both my blogs on tomorrow's posts. I do not wish to be considered for the fantastic candy you're offering. I only want to help.


I was so saddened to read your story about Paige. I will keep her in my prayers. I have posted it on my blog and will send my card to her at the hospital tomorrow. Might take a few deays as I live in Scotland. You are a wonderful friend to have.
xx Vee


Hi Erin! I've posted about Paige on my blog and have a card ready to send as well. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to brighten this young girl's day.

Mary G.

Erin, here is the link to my card for Paige. My card will be going out in the mail tomorrow!!

Mary C

Erin thank you for letting everyone know what they can to to bring well wishes and a prayer to this girl and her family. My card will be going out tomorrow in the AM. Here is
my card

Life Full of Sunflowers

Oh Erin - my heart goes out to her and her family; my sister was hurt in an accident when she was 14 and lost the ability to walk, but with loving family and friends, she was able to get through. She is now 38 and my hero. Thank you so much for doing this for her - she will love getting these. I will keep Erin and her family in my prayers and thoughts. I'll work on a card for her and will get it out in the next few days.


Hi Erin,
I just finished my card for Paige and sent the info to all my yahoo card making groups. I hope Miss Paige has a big, no make that HUGE mailbox! I hope these cards can help get her and her family through this difficult time!
Thanks, Lisa

Karen Brooks

I’ve posted this on my blog in hopes that my friends and followers will jump on the bandwagon and send a card as well. My card will go postal in the morning! Thoughts and prayers going their way!!

Crazy Creations

Hi Erin _I'm sending out 2 cards tommomrow one from me and sister I posted it on my blog and on my group hope people read it I linked it back to your blog so the can get more info .Also my card is posted on the blog and I emailed it to you God Bless Sarah K


Good morning Erin, I sent the mission out that we talked about. She should be receiving lots of cards now. I also will be posting on my blog about her story with the little card I made her. Give her a big hug from me.. Thanks for letting us know so we can help just a little. Lots of Hugs


My card for Paige is going in the mail today. No blog so just sending you my email address. I hope the mailman has to deliver Paige's mail in a BIG bag.


hi erin made paige a lovely card if you'd like to see it it's on my blog!

big hugs


i have made paige a card, i will post it to you tommorow and i have left the link and card on my blog
my daughter who is the same age as paige has got all of her class mates to send a little message as well.
Mandy xx


Erin, Just posted my card for Paige and it will be mailed out today!


Erin what a wonderful thing for you to do for Paige. I'm happy to be able to help, Here's the card I've made and will post tomorrow.
Paige and her family are in my thoughts


My heart goes out to them! You are a great neighbor. I created a card for Paige and it will be postal later today.

Here is my card and blog post.


What a fabulous thing you are doing for Paige and her family!! I will send my card soon and I also wanted to let you know that we are spreading the word via Crafty Creations Challenge blog. My heart goes out to Paige and her family!!


What a fabulous thing you are doing for Paige and her family!! I will send my card soon and I also wanted to let you know that we are spreading the word via Crafty Creations Challenge blog. My heart goes out to Paige and her family!!


Erin -

This is a pretty awesome thing you're doing for Paige & it looks like you're getting a good response! I just wanted to let you know I've made a card for Paige (posted here on my blog) and will be dropping it in the mail tomorrow.


Hi, Please can you let me have your details to send you a card for paige, my heart goes out to her and I will let eveyone else know about her too, I got the link from a post on trimcrafts forum. My email addy is;
love Michaela xxx

Leah l'Orange

Paige's card and butterfly necklace went postal yesterday! Hope she likes them, and I'll bet her room looks AMAZING with all the handmade cards!!


Hi Erin, just wanted to let you know that I've made another card for Paige with the new Whimsy Teddy Bear image!! Here is my card.


Sending lots of Healing energy's! I am sending her a card every couple days till she is Home again..

Sammye Jo

You got it!!! I will make my card today!!!


I posted on my blog...


Fab job Erin, my card is ready to mail now!
hugs Debx


I saw this via a link of trimcraft. I don't have a crafblog to post this on I'm afraid but I will send a card nonetheless and give this little girl a mention on my non crafting blog


Caitlin Russell

Hi Erin!

I got a card made for Paige last night and will have it posted up on my blog sometime tonight :) I do not wish to be added to the blog candy, I just want to make Paige smile!



will send card to her at hosp.


Hi Erin, posting my card to paige today, its in my gallery on the trimcrafts forum. love Michaela x


Het erin, pick out a few of my digis and add them to the blog candy pot too! My post is going up on my blog tomorrow linking to this one, sorry it is so late;)


My card is sent and my blog post will be up tomorrow! Keep us posted!! wishes her a speedy recovery
janet r


Great idea Erin - have made a card that I'll post directly to Paige.
It's here on my blog.
Helen x


I put my card in the mail on Tuesday of this week. I just hadn't posed the link on my blog. Hope all the card from all over the world make her day!


What a great thing you are doing! I put a link up on my blog to yours. Here it is with my card.


greetings from Sweden! I think i found your page from Crafty Creations during my bloghop... =) I'll be mailing her some cards (My daughters want to send there own cards to her also) Hope it's ok that i will make a posting tomorrow about this? (hoping for more cards from Sweden & Finland) Bless you for doing this! Is there anything spec. she likes? Colors etc?

Shelly Schmidt

What a wonderful project you are promoting! I will send a card-and I will find something to send for you to add to the blog candy too! God Bless You!!!

Shelly Schmidt

Goodness- I forgot to link my blog posting:

I will be sending an Inkadinkado stamp set called Winter Birds for you to add to the blog candy!

Where would I send the stamps to?
Shellymc2@comcast dot net


I posted a card on my blog


I'll mail it to Paige tomorrow.

Thanks for doing this!


Chris Olsen, Glowbug

My heart goes out to this little girl and her family. I think it is so sweet for you to have this card drive and to help in such a special way. I have created a card which will be going out in the mail first thing in the a.m. You can go here to see my card.

Donna Moore

Hi Erin, I ran into Paige's story on Shelly's blog, My Creative Rumblings. I am sending a card out to Paige today. I hope all the love being sent is felt by this dear young girl. My blessings to you for bringing this to our attention and to Paige and her family as they face these difficulties! My thought and prayers are with them!


Hi Erin.
I sent my card early this week, I hope you get it soon. Any update on Paige - How is she doing?

Kimmi xx


Forgot to say that I added to my post for Stampin's Pink Teal and Orange challenge cos that was the card I have sent her - I thought she would be getting lots of get well cards, I wanted to send her something fun and cheerful :D


Kimmi x
here is the card I posted - hopefully people would have seen it and made some cards for her :D


I just sent my card out to you this morning. What a great thing you are doing for Paige!

Angela Toucan

this is so lovely. I'll get a card sorted out this week.

would you like some downloadable papers to add to your blog candy?

Angela, Toucan Scraps


I would LOVE to send a card in for her! What a brave girl. Can you please send me your snail mail addy and I will mail you the card. I will post a picture as soon as I am done it! I will post this on my blog too! Thanks!!


oh i'm very happy that Paige is receiving many cards, praying for her.

Erin thanks for passing by my blog :)



I finished my card today, and it is now posted to my blog. Could you please e-mail me with YOUR addy of where to send it (I would rather send it to you than the hospital, incase she is out before I hope that Paige makes a full recovery, please keep us posted. She is in my thoughts and prayers. What a brave girl!!
here is my card


Here's my card & I've posted a link on my blog. I'm send it to her on Monday morning. Thanks!


What a fab idea Erin I have posted my car on my blog and will post the card on to you tomorrow if this is ok? Hugs Debbie x


I am sending Paige another card today..
This one..


Hi Erin, I just posted my card for Paige to my blog, it's here.
I was so sad to read what had happened to her (and when I'm sad, I'm realllllly sad...) :(

Ashley Newell

Here's my card for Paige. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


What a great idea to send cards... I just finished mine. It'll go out in the mail this afternoon and be up on my blog tonight!

Splendid Little Stars

That's a wonderful idea!


I will be making and posting a card for Paige on my blog:
I am very happy to do this and will then send it out as soon as I can as it may take a while to get there as I live in Mexico. Very happy to do this God Bless!!


So sorry to hear. I have two daughters and I can't imagine what they are going through. My daughters and I will each make cards!

Ria Zonnestraaltje

Ahhhhh my heart goes out to Paige! I am so sorry to hear of her accident. I will try to send her a card today. I have enough of them anyway and this hopefully makes her smile a little again.

hugs Ria


Hi there! Great cause, here's the card I'll be sending her

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My card is done...=) It may take a while for the card to arrive, since we live in Sweden. You are an angel, for doing this! Thank you!

Can't get hyperlink to work...=(


hi erin

just got to the mail today for paige here card! could take up to a weak to get there! hope she loves my card!


ps: you've seen it, so fingers crossed. hope she's gettin a bit better,and surgury wassend to bad


Erin I comitted to making a card and sending it to you to give to Paige. I have handwritten the sentiment and it just fit the situation along with the card. Not a typical feel better card, but one that will make her smile. My card is here, and I will be writing on the inside and praying that this will be lemonade and not a lemon in her life. Much prayers and support for Paige and her family. Iona

My card is here:


Forgot to add that it is going postal to you today. Thanks, Iona

Elizabeth P

Hello Erin! poor Paige... it´s a great idea and so nice of you sending her many cards!
I would love to donate some of my digi-stamps, e-mail me at
My best wishes for Paige :)


Hi Erin this is such a sad story but you are making things a little brighter for paige.I will send out a card to her using the hospital addy some girlfriends will do the same and i dont want anything in return so i dont want to be in the blog candy give away.It looks good but i want to send a card because i care god bless


I am sending a card today, My mom sent one yesterday


hello erin. this is racquel welch, paige's mum. where do i start???? thank you i guess would be good. i can't tell you how much all of the cards she has received so far have done for her. she looks forward to mail call every day. her spirits are still high....thanks to you and all of your blog friends. the doctors were able to save quite a bit of her arm. she will have a working elbow making it so much easier to fit her with a prosthetic arm (not for several more months). her last surgery on 09/09/09 was the worst pain wise but the best results wise. muscle, veins, an artery, a nerve and skin were removed from the right side of her back(from under her arm to her hip). a 10 by 5 inch piece of skin was also taken from her right thigh and these were all grafted to her arm to allow her to eventually use the new limb. she had a few set backs and her suffering was almost my undoing but she pulled through and might be discharged from the hospital this thursday or friday. she loves all the cards and the gifts. and yes she likes the beaded necklace with the butterfly pendant. as well as the stamps, bookmarks, stickers and blank card to use for herself and all the other very thoughtful and creative goodies that keep filling her room and her heart. she is so amazed when she receives the cards from overseas. i can never thank you all enough for what you have done and continue to do. we are hopeful at returning to our home in nh by october. please forgive my lack of capitals and punctuation as i have the use of one hand only at the moment and typing is difficult especially as i was a 2 finger typist in the first place. both paige and i will require at least a year to recover from our injuries but i am thrilled to announce that my nephew's is coming along sooner than expected. thank you again to all of you especially erin for starting this.

my thanks and love to you all,
racquel, paige and clarke


Hi Erin, finally got round to posting my card for Paige, just read the comment from her family and delighted to hear that the doctors have managed to such a good job with her arm. My card is here

Country Mouse

I would be so happy to spread some cheer to Paige and her family. What a horrible ordeal to have to go through. And how sweet of you Erin to do what you are doing for Paige! I will post my card for Paige soon!


I hope to have a card made by Friday. My love and prayers go out to you for your efforts, ALL who have donated and especially Paige and her family.


I have just read about this and it's heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking are Paige's maturity, wisdom and courage in facing this horrible moment in her young life.

I will post a card (maybe two) for her tomorrow morning, not for the candy just for Paige.
Fingers crossed my card will make it - the Romanian postal service is not too reliable.

Thank you for introducing us to Paige (thank you to her family too) and allowing us to send her our good thoughts and best wishes directly.

God bless!

bumblebee creations

I will make a card tonight and get it out tomorrow-will post it on my blog later this evening. You are so wonderful to help in this way!

bumblebee creations
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Hi Erin, HERE
is my card I will be mailing to Paige. Not really concerned about the prize just want to do something to cheer Paige and her family. Thanks again for all you've done!

Michelle Pearson

so sorry it's taken me so long to send a card...mine went out today and here is my blog post:

This is such a sweet thing for you to organize! Thoughts are surely with Paige and her family!!


Bless you Erin for bringing this to our attention and helping to put a smile on this little girls face!! Count me in too!! I'm headed to the craftroom right now to make something special for Paige!!


Hi Erin
I found you via Victoria and would love to send a card to Paige. Please send me your address.


I am mailing a card out tomorrow for you to deliver to Paige. Thank you for letting me be a part of this.



Hi Erin, I follow your blog and my heart went out the Paige :( Very sad. I am mailing out our cards tomorrow. My daughter and I made a card....thank you for getting cards together for her.
You can see the cards on my blog


Hi Erin. I would love to make a card for Paige. Please send me your physical address. Many thanks and

Annette Bowes

What a wonderful idea, have made a card, posted on my blog, I am sure Paige will will have many smiles from all those wonderful cards and messages sent from around the world. Thanks for giving us this opportunity, take careX:)

Billie's Scrappetique

WOW! What a great outpouring of love from around the world!!! Paige's card will go out in tomorrow's mail.

Hugs from Texas!

Lynda Nielsen

Just checking in, have there been any more updates on Paige? I hope she has received my card, please send her all my best, and let her know that we are thinking of her here in NY.
Big Hugs
Lynda =)


Dear Erin,

Can you please contact me and send me your address so I can send you a card to hand to Paige.
My computer won't allow me to get your email address as I don't have Outlook express on my pc.
My heart goes out to this brave young girl.
How kind of you to organize a card getting for her,I hope it will cheer her up a bit.
I will also put a post on on my blog: Stempelientje
Greetings from Stempelientje.


Hi Erin
Paige's card is here;
and the 'hard copy' is winging its way to you.


Bless You Erin!! I sent a card out to you yesterday for Paige but didn't post it to my blog. I will try and get another one ready to go tomorrow! That young lady shouldn't have to be going through this misery ... I hope all the cards at least give her a reason to smile if even for a little while!!


Hi Erin,

I'm not sure where to post my picture as I don't have a blog. I can send you the link. I also need your address to send it to you, if that's what you prefer. Just let me know, otherwise I can mail it out to her tomorrow.

Wonderful thing you're doing.

Jeannette aka Jnett


Hi Erin, this is such a wonderful thing you've organised, and I'm so glad to see loads of people getting on board. I've made my card for Paige (using the Whimsy digi stamp), but I can't upload it to my blog until Sunday as it's for one of the challenge DTs I'm on (I thought it would be good for a bit of extra exposure for this worthy cause). I'll pop it in the mail tomorrow to you, but it may take a little while, as it's coming to you from the UK! Obviously, I would love to be included in your wonderful blog candy draw too! Thank you for being so caring and AWESOME! Hugs, Simonne x

Mandy Schneider 97

I heard about Paige through the blogging world and I just hope she got my card I sent out a week ago... she's in my thoughts and all I can do is give ((((cyber hugs))).....
Please DO NOT enter me into any drawing if you were to come across my card. That's not what I want at all...What an awesome neighbor you are to do wishes..

Do What You Love

Erin, this is so wonderful of you to keep watch on your neighbor's daughter, Paige. I sent my card to the hospital when I heard about this and was delighted to hear others pitching in. I would love to make more cards for Paige, a brave young girl. My heart goes out to her. Please send your address to me at so that I can send my cards on Monday for the postman.

Maria Matter

Hi Erin, I posted another Paige card today!
I'm sure mail time brings a smile to her sweet face!
Blessings, Maria

Country Mouse

What a wonderful update!! So happy to hear Paige is improving and doing well!!! God is good!!!

Dawn Frost

Hi Erin I've been reading the updates on Paige thank you so much for keeping us informed. I sent in my card a while ago but alas forgot to add a link to it. So here is a link to the card.

Leah l'Orange

AMAZING, Erin! you have done a fantastic thing with this card drive for Paige! i'm so pleased to hear she's home and recovering well! thanks for the updates! i wonder what her room looked like after the love started rolling in from around the world! :D


Hello Everyone,

It's me, Paige. I thought I would write a comment on the blog to thank everyone for all the cards. My entire family is very grateful to have people who care about us. Special thanks to those who made bookmarks, stamps, necklaces, stickers, blank cards for me to use, and pins. I'm so very amazed that I've received cards not only from the United States, but also from many different countries. So far I have cards from Canada, England, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, and Italy. Thank you again for all of the time and hard work that you all have put into your wonderful cards.

Bless you all,

Paige Welch and family.

Lorraine A

Hi Erin :-) I hope paige gets lots of cards,, mine is in the post :-)

Luv Lols x x

Jeanet van der Lee

Hi Erin,
At first: You're a super neighbour!
We lost two years ago our eldest son Wilfred, he lost his arm in a tractor accident. He bleeded death, horrible. That was of course the first thing what slipped into my mind reading your story. Of course I'm glad Paige is still alive. Could you mail me your adress, my mail is (Holland) then I'm certain to send a card for Paige. I also annouce it on my blog, so maybe you get more cards...


page muss sehr stark sein und alles Liebe Ihr und Ihrer Familie
Ich habe eine Karte für Paige und brauch auch die Adresse
lg gila


what a wonderful way to cheer up your neighbour.
God bless you.
I will posting out a card from germany,for Paige on Monday.
My heart goes out to Paige and family.
Hugs Babsi


Hi Erin I have posted a card on my blog for Paige have also put links on & will get the addy from you...nice to see she is making good progress at nanas..I will be sending card nxt wk.

hugs Christine xx


Hi I have made a card for Paige and you can see it here I will post it to the hospital:)

Mary Lou

Hi Erin~~ you are the greatest!!! to help others is why God created us!!! Thank you for asking the world to brighten life for Paige!! I will be sending card and you can view it HERE
Thanks for your generosity and it sure looks like it paid forward with all the additional offers.
Good things happen to those who do "Pay it forward"
Love and Blessings
Mary Lou


I have made a card for paige and I'm mailing it out in just a few minutes! You can check it out @
Best wishes for the entire family!

Susie Sugar

Wow !! this is awesome what a fantastic piece of it.. lots of gorgeous details
Hugs Susie xx

Lisa (mldesignworks)
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Lisa (mldesignworks)

This is so nice--I heard about Paige on the Simon Says Stamp Challenge today. Thank you for the opportunity to make a card for Paige, and all of the fabulous candy. Lisa :-) Here is my card.


I have made a card for Paige,
Please may I have the address to send it to, and is it ok to send a little bracelet that I made for her? (Just a little beaded one)
Kind regards

gina g

My Card is sitting here ready to post, glad to see that Paige is doing well. luv gina xx

You can see my card hereHere's my card


Goodness me! Erin thank you for posting this message I have my card made and ready to post I have added her name on the card too!
I have also added a little post about it on my blog too! and entered simon and chrisma with the card hoping more people will see it! and hope I can add myself here to enter your candy! Samantha :0)

Here's my card

Karen Wilson

Hi Erin, I came across your blog and Paige's story on Simon Says Stamp and my heart goes out to all of you. What a curageous young lady though. I have made my card and linked it to the Simon Says Challenge and here it is for you to see as well. You're doing an amazing thing.

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Hi Erin,

I have made a card for Paige Here it is :)

What a fab team of generous people to offer you all of that extra candy - wow!

Will e-mail you now ref best place to send if posting from UK!

Carol x

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This is such a cool idea. Here is my card.


This is one challenge I simply had to find time for! May God continue to Bless Paige and her family!!!

You can see the cards I sent to Paige here


My sister told me about Paige and I couldn't pass up the chance to make her smile. So I made her card. I think its wonderful what you're doing!


Erin, I have made a card for Paige and will be mailing it directly to her now that I've found her address on your blog.


Here is my card to Paige, I hope she will better soon.


I would love to send Paige a card! Here's the one I made:

Jeanet van der Lee
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Jeanet van der Lee

here is my card for Paige


I think this is a wonderful thing you are doing! I've just found out about it via Simon Says Blog, so today I made a card for Paige. I think I'm going to have my 9 year old write something in it and sign it!

Here is my card:

Rhonda Miller

I'm in. How do I send a card directly to you? I have the perfect card already made. I made it in hopes of finding someone special to give it to. It is the one with the butterflies.

Diamond Doll

I just had to make Paige a card when i read your post it will be a pleasure to make her smile even more so Heres My card
Trish (-:


Hi Erin,
I've got my card prepared and ready to send, you can see it here. It's such a sweet thing you are doing :)


I have a card made for paige on my blog. I just need an address. I would like to send to you. The other addy was a hospital and I wasn't clear if she is still in the hospital. Hoping for full recovery.


Very Sweet of you. I'm in
thanks for letting doing this
such a great idea hospitals are so bland too a bright colorful room is what every child needs
hugs Nikki


what devastating prayers are with all those invloved touches so many lives that we don not even know. i will be mailing a card first thing tomorrow morning


Erin, I have 3 card for Paige!! One of those cards is this one: and the other one is already in an envelope ready to be sent.

I will mail them early tomorrow.

You are such a great neighbor and friend.

God bless


Here's my card for Paige
Now just to mail it off :)
What a sweet idea this was
hugs Nikki

Suzi Mac

Hi Erin, I made a card this morning for Paige and entered into Simon says challenge I will email you for her address asap.You can see her card Here . I was very fortunate to win the prize.