Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Challenge #2

Hi All, This is my second installment of a Friday challenge. Today's challenge is based on my "christmas card shortcut."

Have you ever made a card to demo at a workshop (or at a workshop) and then told everyone there something along the lines of, "just add ______________, to really take this card to the next level"? Or have you ever gone to make a card and when you finished said, "too bad I don't have___________ to add to this card"?

Well this happens to me a lot either by trying to keep the cost of materials down or realizing at 11pm with 2 little ones sleeping I'm not going to be using a heat gun or banging eyelets. (of couse the crop-a-dile solved the eyelet problem!!!)

Anyway for my christmas cards this year I am taking old fronts and "jazzing them up" in an effort to save time. So far I've done 20 in almost no time at all.

So your challenge today, take an old card or card front and either "jazz it up" or recreate it using different materials to make it the card you always wanted it to be.

This is the card front I chose to turn into a full card. I received it in a swap, and really liked it, but I include photos and quite a bit of writing in my christmas cards and didn't want to see that thru the hole. I took this pic after I added a clear rhinestone brad to the silver cording to keep it from coming undone.
This is the end result. I first removed the wasabi strip to trim the sky layer and add polka dots from polka dot and paisley in versamark and add a WW layer. Then added a wasabi circle to the celery circle. I reattached the wasabi strip then attached the whole thing to a wasabi back. I then added glitter to the star and the dots around the snowflakes. Then doodled the upper left corner. Now I have the whole thing to write in!!


Denise ~

What a fun idea! I'll go for it later today, I hope! :)


Great idea and a really pretty card.


Fab idea, beautiful card


What a gorgeous card! FAB layout! :) TFS!

April Hall

Aw this came out great!


What a great idea! I will definitely do this sometime this weekend. I have a bunch of older cards that need something more....

Stampin' Heather

Great job....the updated card is really "wow."


very nice it made a difference


the card is absolutely elegantly and nobly the paper and the allocation is particularly beautiful.

Denise ~

This came out great! I love the touches you made, they really MAKE the card now. :)

All Pink girl

Beautiful card ,great idea ,Dawn x

Melanie S

These are precious! TFS


Very cute card! Wish I had gotten this set.

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Katie Skiff

Hey Erin, Can you Email me about our RAK list. We need your address and birthday! Thanks SistaH!!