Tuesday, June 15, 2010

RAK Hop, Can you join in?????

I'm calling on all my stamping friends to once again bring some joy and smiles to a little girl who really needs them.  Her name is Bella Tucker and she was in gymnastics with my eldest daughter.  Although they were not in the same class, as Bella is a bit older (8 years old), it's a close community and we'd always stay to watch "the big girls" when we could.

Bella developed a serious illness on Easter.  Although the survival rate was very low, she was a brave fighter and made it through a 5 day coma.  Unfortunately, she lost her arms and legs to the disease.  You can read the story in depth at

I am looking to host 4 small blog hops.  The last hop I hosted had over 50 people and it was long, I thought this was it would be easier for people to participate and to keep the awareness going all month long.

The hops will begin at 12noon EST on Tuesday June 22, 29 and July 6 and 13.  I was thinking of drawing a small prize winner on each of the Mondays and then a grand prize winner on July 20.  I was hoping to have about 15 people in each hop. 

So I am looking for hoppers, blog candy donations and for you to pass this message along to anyone you can.  Anything you can do to help to spread the word, help Bella or help the hop just let me know at this address please

People can contact me to be part of a hop at this address  People can sign up for 1 hop or any combination of the 4.  Your card can be new or old, just as long as you can mail it to bring a smile to Bella. 

Once I get prizes and players lined up, I'll email everyone with dates, blog hop orders and badges.

I think that is it for now, except for the first of many GIANT THANK YOUS!!!!  This is one of the most amazing communities and I know we can bring Bella some sunshine. 

Thank you!!!
Thanks for stoppin' by!



I'm in...What could i do? I can donate some prizes, and try to get some fellow "scandinavians" to join in. You can mail me at

Chris Olsen, Glowbug

Hi Erin!! I have full intentions of joining in on one of your hops but I am leaving for vacation and won't return until the end of next week. I will contact you when I come back for a date in July.

ML Design Works

I just sent you an email, I'd love to be involved. Thank you for organizing this for Bella and her family. Talk to you soon! Lisa

Marianne's Craftroom

Oh Erin, poor Bella. I'm in, I''ll e-mail you. Marianne x