Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I've been tagged.....

I've been tagged by Lynn !! So i need to come up with 7 interesting things about myself hmmmmmm.....

1. & 2.You know that icebreaker 2 truths and a lie??(you tell 3 things about yourself and then people guess which is which) Well this reminds me of that and I always do the same 2 truths for obvious reasons...1.I've been run over by a clown on a unicycle and 2. I've been hit on a moped by a horse.

3.I'm really fast now at typing with my left hand only. I'm right handed, but since having my daughter, Reagan, who is now 6 months, I only get on the computer when I feed her so I only have my left hand free. And now I rarley use my right hand even if it is free.

4.I have lived in and loved (most of the time) living in NH my whole life, except for when I...(fact 5)

5. Worked at Disney World in Florida. I sold soda, scooped ice cream, worked retail and loved every minute of it!! We try to go as often as we can, since I get park withdrawals and start to shake. My daughter, Meredith, who is 3 is the same way. She's looking forward to all the scary rides on our next trip.

6. I love ice cream all ice cream.

7.Well the last fact not overly interesting but before I became a mom and SU! demo, I taught high school history and economics.

Alright not to link 7 blogs this may take a few so bear with me

1. My talented downline Denise
2. Julie
3. Vicki
4. Sandy


Denise ~

I actually tagged you first...Too funny! :) Then we tagged some of the same people too! :)

Denise ~

I love that I didn't know the first two facts about you...a clown on unicycle and a moped and a horse! I don't think that I have anything that interesting to tell!


My daughter's name is Regan as well, just spelled a little differently. It's kind of cool knowing another Regan/Reagan.


I just tagged you so maybe we will find out more about you

Katie Skiff

Hey ERin, thanks for playing!! It's a fun way to get to know each other!!

Just me

You must rock at the two lies and a truth game. I love the unicycle one. What a crazy day for you!


Thanks for sharing

Stampin' Heather

Thanks for sharing your fun facts. I can totally relate to #6.