Saturday, June 27, 2009



Here it is as promised my birthday blog candy!!!
That's right I'll be celebrating yet another birthday this month.

What's in this pile of goodies......

  • A baseball Connor from whimsy stamps
  • A pajama time Emma from Whimsy Stamps
  • Assorted designer paper from various companies
  • About 50 or so images from whimsy, whiff of joy, sugar nellies, magnolias and more!
  • A cuttlebug embossing folder
  • SU metal edged tags
  • Martha Stewart adhesive ribbon
  • Heidi grace ribbon
  • 2 spools of ribbon
  • Accents and labels from SU
  • Random unmounted rubber stamps
  • A set of clear stamps
  • Some raindots
  • Making memories brads
  • A big ol' pile of ribbon, flowers adhesive felt pieces and chipboard
  • Whatever else is there that I forgot to list

How do you enter??????

Well, I've always been one of those people that loves birthdays! Unfortunately, last year's birthday was the date of a terrible event making my view of my birthday change. So I need your help getting rid of those bad memories and changing it back to an exciting day!!! My first step is giving away all this good stuff on my birthday, June 27th.

  • The next step is for you to please leave a comment on THIS post with your ideas for the BEST birthday ever!!!! The sky's the limit! It can be something you've done in the past or just an idea by June 26th.
  • Please number your post so it's easier for me to pick a winner. Thanks:)
  • Please put a link or post on your blog spreading the word.

Want extra chances to win?????

  • Become a follower or if you are a follower, leave a second comment.
  • Complete a Whimsy stamps challenge. Leave another comment with a link to your entry.

That's it. Also, I'll be mailing something special to the person who has the best idea! WOW that's a long post!!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!


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Boni Boutelle-Jones

Ooooh Erin I wanna be NUMERO UNO baby!!

I am a follower, I design for Whimsy and I WANNA WIN!! giggles

Best birthday ever: letting my kids pack up dinner and going to the drive in theater. We had oreo's, yoohoos, gummy worms and HoHo's with candles. We spread blankets on the grass and hung out watching the movie - best birthday ever - oh yeah and for our late night snack we had Slim Jims and belly aches LOL


Wowwwww Erin,what beautiful.

Hugs Riet.x

Stampin Mindy

Wonderful give-a-way!

Here's my entry for the whimsy challenge.

I'm poster #3

My idea of a best Birthday is to get up and enjoy some coffee and have a nice big breakfast with my family. Then maybe have some alone time in my stamp room, then get ready and go somewhere as a family, movie, walk around the mall, maybe get myself a prezzie, then drop off the kids and have a date with my hubby a nice dinner and drinks.

AHH sounds so relaxing!

Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

I'm linking you to my sidebar!


I'll be number 4 if no one manages to post before me...

Awesome candy you are willing to share! I'd say my birthday would be perfect if I got this wrapped in a nice paper :D Okay, to be more serious, my own birthdays have never been much of an event because I am born in January - all too often I got "a big xmas present" that was "a birthday present too". Boy was I bummed! At least mom baked a cake :)

A few years back though my lovely bf surprised me with a day-spa treatment! I got my face treated with steam and warm towels, and a whole body massage and afterward he treated me with a yummie dinner in a posh restaurant. That was definitely my best birthday ever! Safe to say though, that was the first birthday we were actually together (we met through the internet, I lived in Finland and he lived in Norway) and he was still in the phase of trying to please me :D I have dropped some hints after that, and even very direct reminders ("honey, that treatment REALLY WAS GREAT"), but I've had no luck in trying to get him to repeat it...

So my b-day advise is to get yourself a full body treatment in a nice spa, all day being about you!

I'll put up a button for your candy in my sidebar ^_^



#5 and I'll follow you too ;)


Jennifer Orbaker

#5 - My birthday is in June also. My favorite memories of my b-day are my b-day cakes. My mom always made me an angel food cake with coolwhip and fresh picked strawberries all around it. Now that my mom is too far away, I have to make my own now. I still miss those days!

I am allready a follower of yours! And I participate in the Whimsy Challenges every week now. I am the guest designer for the month of June, yeah!

Hope you have a great b-day!!!


ya know I am a follower Erin - have been forever :-) I hope you have a FABULOUS birthday this year - nobody should have a sad birthday!!

Best birthday ever: me and my best friend spent four days in New York for my 40th birthday - we went to two broadway shows, saw all the sites, went to Ground Zero and paid our respects, shopped, ate, shopped and ate again, lol and just had FUN!!!!

I am number SEVEN!!!!



Oooh, here is my second post for being a follower, heehee!




I am number 9....A perfect birthday...a big surprise trip to disney world!

Happy birthday!


Number 10, because I am a the blog candy!


#11 What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! Your birthday is the same day as my anniversary. I think the best way to spend a birthday is to have coffee with a friend to start the day and the rest of the day spent in my craft room. I have posted this on my blog.


#12 I am a follower.


13. I'm not superstitious ;-)

A cruise? Check out the last minute deals!

You could also do something that scares you a bit but not enough to not do it, like skydiving? It can be anything, something crazy!

Or you can climb a small mountain/hill and have a picnic on top. Don't forget the wine!


Hello there, and happy birthday wishes from number 14, here in Israel!

well I have to say, my best birtday wasn't too special... I just went to the spa with my boyfriend (who's brithday is on the same day as mine, so.. lol) then I got back home, my best friends came over and we ate sushi and had the best time!
but the best brithday I could wish for will be... well, kinda like this, but in the palce I want to visit the most - Japan! I would spend the day shopping for the stuff I love there, eat nice japanese traditional food, will just have a blast with my (also japan fan) boyfriend.

anyway! I'm a follower, I blogged about it here:
and I wish you the best birthday ever!

"pappi puikoissa"

Nr 15 from Finland! Wonderful give-away! I'm follower, and I linked your candy to the sidebar of my blog!

Leah the Orange

fantastic candy! and here's to a very happy birthday... you were born on a great day - you share a birthday with my Gram (my favourite person in the entire world), who we lost recently. so i'll be wishing a happy wish for you on a difficult day. i think i'm #16, and have linked you!

Leah the Orange

i am followin'!


#18 Best birthday...just spending time with the ppl you love (and having a wonderful cake wouldn't hurt as well)! hope this year turns out better than last!

i've subscribed to you thru google reader as well so i can't wait to see your creations!

~Denise Lynn~

I think birthday would be a romantic getaway with my hubby, a dinner out to celebrate me and then some sightseeing and of course some shopping! Would miss the kiddos, but having some adult time is always a nice gift!

Thanks for the chance, you know I'm a follower! :) Off to post on my blog!

Leah the Orange
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Leah the Orange

#20 (you can delete the one before this, because my card was showing up sideways!)

my card!

SPA DAY, baby. although tonight i'm getting my big birthday gift from the hubbin - a new 'do! i told him what i wanted to do with my hair, and he said "make it happen, and i'll pay the man!"... so that's pretty great to me! :)


Great blog candy, I've posted about it here

my birthday idea: go outside have a picnic, enjoy nature or ride by bike with firends and have a grill party:)


forgot to write number 20

and now second entry number 21 for becoming follower:) greetings


I want participate!

I post you on my giveaways blog (solosorteos)



Guess I'm #25
My birthday is usually horrible. I tell my hubby what I want to do and by the time he's ready I'm starving, tired, & cranky. This year I made no plans, none. I told him whateverhe want & whenever he wants would be fine. Best birthday so far!
I added a link to my sidebar :)


#26 I'm a follower!!!


Birthdays are the BEST!!!

I celebrate my birthday every year which is May 30 and the fun usually begins with May 1st and ends...well, whenever...LOL...this weekend...about 2 weeks after my birthday I am going to the High Country to a girls getaway weekend and we are celebrating my Birthday!

I suppose that I will be receiving some beautiful cards too!!! Yea!!!

I enjoy following your blog on Google Reader...thanks for all that you do...I celebrate YOU!!!


Happy Birthday!!! I just found your blog and it's great. Thanks for the chance, I signed up as a follower.


I very good your blog,comentary my blog:


26-My idea is that you can make your birthday party with the theme of the festival scrap, each friend takes your material and go on making your pages,cards take and drink the eat tb. Kisses


27 (question mark?) hehe I think the numbering got off, but anyways...
I linked up your wonderful candy on my sidebar post and I follow you on Google Reader :)
So for birthday ideas... I would start by creating a Top Ten Things To Do in Life- little things like seeing a sunrise or big things like taking a trip around the world! The sky is your limit :) Then each year on your birthday do one of those things! And your backup plan? Spend time with your family and loved ones. My best birthday ever was just this year, because it was the first time I had a husband to share my birthday with :) *huggs*



Well I love to be with my friends and family for my birthday. Nothing special, just talkin, eating good food and be with eachother.

Thank you for giving us the chance to win that great candy.

I have put a link to your candy on my blog's side bar.

Best regards from sLOVEnia,

This comment has been removed by the author.


wow... great candy!!
mi best b-day was with my family and friends, a good cake and some snacks and wine!! (sorry for my english!)

I've left a link on my candy box

hugs from italy


the counter says 34 before me and the person before me has 29... I am not sure what post this is. Either 30 or 35!!!!

the best birthdays ever were the ones my sisters and I got together and had Margaritas at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. it has been years since I moved away, but we always had such fun.

I have posted a link on my CANDY BAR!!!!



#31 I guess
Fab candy, love to win it, I became your follower and linked you on my blog!
Me and my hubby bought 3 ticket for our good friend and went for a panorama fly, with the small jet, it was perfect! Have a fab birthday! Hugs,moni


Happy Bday! I'm #37. SUper candy.
My idea is to go to the spa, get a massage, manicure, whatever you like and then spend the evening with your family.
Hope your day is great!


I'm a follower and I'm Whimsy challenge DT!


#39: I had a great 18th birthday. I celebrated it together with a friend and we invited all our friends and family to have a drink on our official adulthood. Here's my link . Thanks for a chance to win! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies


#40: I'm a follower!


Good evening Erin, i am already a follower of your blog. I love my visits here.

My best ever birthday, would be to wake up to a ready run bubble bath, followed by breakfast set out for me at the kitchen table with fresh cut roses in a vase. Then for the children not to have a cross word with me or each other all day!!!!

Hope your birthday this year makes up for last year.

Hugs Linda x


Hi me again ive put your blog candy on my blog, in my side bar hunny.

This is number 42, my previous entry was number 41.

Have a lovely evening, hugs Linda x

Agus :)

Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!
I think the best birthday It woulb be a big party with all your firends! good luck!
Here is my blog.

Agus :)

Im already a follower and I have just linked your blog in me


Best birthday would be a PAID day off and sleeping in


I was #45 too thanks so much for the chance to win and happy birthday
here is my whimsy card


Happy early birthday!!

Best birthday in recent memory: Having dinner with just my mom on my birthday. I got so wrapped up in always going out with friends for many years, that just spending that time with my mom who brought me into this world was wonderful.

Your blog candy will be posted on my blog momentarily! Thanks for the chance to win!

Char in So Cal

YaaaaWhooooo! Lucky post #48!!

And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!!!!! I XOXOX birthdays... especially when they are not mine!! LOL

The best birthday I ever had was my 23rd birthday... just married and before kids! My DH met me at work and invited me to lunch. No biggie right? Well he drove us to the airport where we live (in San Diego) and we hopped a flight to San Fransisco... just for my birthday lunch!! We had lunch at the Equinox, did a little sight seeing, and flew back home that evening. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! My birthdays now?! Forget it... we have kids LOL!!

I don't have a blog of my own but I do have e-mail and I have sent a link to your site to all my crafty gal pals!

Thanks for the op to win some YUMMY blog candy and CHEERS to many more happy birthdays to you!

Char in So Cal
{scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}

Char in So Cal

YaaaaWhooooo! Lucky post #49!! LOL

I am now a follower of your blog!!

Thanks for the second op to win your YUMMIES!!

Char in So Cal
{scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}


#50 Wow Erin! Yummy giveaway. Hope this year you will have a fab birthday. Best birthday ever for me was the day of my birthday I was feeling so sick because I took a flu shot about 4 days befire my birthday and somehow it affected me. I was so sick to even celebrate. One of my friend came over to surprise me and wish me a happy birthday and he knew I wasn't up for dinner so he told me he forgot something and he'll be right back. But he end up at the store to buy me chicken soup and rented out a movie to watch, and also got me a cake. He was so sweet to take care of me and he is just a friend. Things like this matters to have great friends.Thanks for the chance to win.



#51 I'm now a follower!You have some beautiful creations.


I Sogni nel Cassetto

Ciao sono Lara dall'Italia.
Il mio numero è: 52

Buon compleanno e che questo sia il migliore di TUTTI!!!
Ho messo il tuo link nel mio blog

Il miglior compleanno: con la famiglia e gli amici quindi le persone più care intorno a me. Non c'è miglior cosa!!!! Non importa dove sei o cosa fai: l'importante è stare bene accanto a persone con cui stai bene!

Joyce Spear


My best birthday EVER was the year I decided I wanted a party at the local stamp store. All my friends came -- stampers and non-stampers alike -- and it was truly fabulous!

I've had some really traumatic birthdays over the years, but each year I resolve to "erase" them in my brain and make room to create more happy memories. It really is all about living in the NOW.

Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at AOL dot com

Joyce Spear

54. I just signed up to follow your blog. Yay!!

Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at AOL dot com


I'm number 55.

Fab candy Erin, I would so love to win. My best birthday was when I was 30 (it deserved to be the best to ease the pain of turning 30!!!) My boyfriend treated me to treatments of my choice at a beauty salon, he bought me a gorgeous white gold and sapphire ring and we went for a lovely meal in the evening.

Thanks for the chance to win and I'm off to link.

Liza x


Number 56, I was already a follower.

Liza x


#57 Happy Birthday Erin!! Best birthday ever...hmm. My birthday falls 11 days after Christmas so my birthday is usually co-celebrated with Christmas. My best one in memory would be the year my husband & I became engaged-yep on my birthday! I would love to take a vacation somehere with just me & my husband...somewhere tropical.


#58 I'm already a follower.


Happy coming Birthday!
I love to celebrate my birthday with my family. Sometimes I want to take the daughter to the grandmother and go together with my husband somewhere to relax. If my birthday was during the summer - I went with my family and closest friends in town, have a picnic in the nature:)
Great blog candy! Thanks for the chance to win!
I posted a link on the sidebar of my blog


And.. I'm your follower now:)

True :)

Happy Birthday Erin!
If the sky is the limit...try sky diving! Let us know how that works for you! LOL!
I am a follower and am off to add your candy to my left side bar.
Thanks for a chance at some awesome candy!

Drea S.

# 62
So Happy B-Day! The best party ever would take place in a huge craft store with some free classes and a nice gift and than have a great dinner with my family!
I just became a follower and linked your candy on my sidebar. Thanks for the chance to win.

Drea S.


I become a follower.

Best birthday: make an hot-air-baloon fly!


Oh, yes! I have a bonus for becoming a follower ... is this number more lucky?


Wowwwww this is very beautiful.thanks you !!!


I'm #66.

Best birthday, spending it with family, without a doubt. Sitting at a baseball game, sunshine, warm day, a beer and a Polish dog--sounds like the best to me!

My birthday is the day before yours, June 26. Blog candy would be a wonderful present (hint, hint)


Кари Сол

I'm 67
Happy birthday!!!!!
Wowwwww Erin,what beautiful candy!!!!!!Thank you for the chance to win!!!!


Birthdays are great, no matter what age!! The best birthday would be a great spa day, massage, manicure, pedicure, maybe even outside while enjoying the Greek Isles! (So I guess that would be a trip and a spa day, so relaxing!!) Enjoy your day! Thanks for the opportunity for the great rak!


I just left comment #68, forgot to put that in there!


I'm #69#.

And Happy Birthday to you!!!

My birthday is in july.

I like your cards!



#70 Wow, what a fabulous blog candy! Thanks for a chance to win! I added the link in my sidebar. My idea for your Birthday would be to celebrate it underwater. :) Wouldn't it be awesome?! I know a girl who celebrated her wedding underwater (not the whole party of course) and it looked great on the pics, she looked like a mermaid in the weddingdress. I'd love to try that one day!

have a great day



Stay with your family and friends in your birthday!!!



I think I'm lucky number #72! :o)

I think a great birthday is having to do nothing at all but pamper yourself. No dishes, no housework, a vacation day from work. Then head to the spa with a friend(its more fun with a friend to giggle with)....and then just lay around and eat birthday cake and read a nice saucy novel......or even do some stamping!

I'm linking your awesome blog candy from my blog and I'm now officially a follower!



I'm a follower now too!


# 74
Happy Birtday and many ,many moreeee!!!!
For me the idea of a best b-day is to have all my family together (they all live far so is kink of hard) and just enjoy some good food and cake of course!!!!
I put a link in my sidebar blog


# 75

Just become a follower.....great blog and thanks for the chance to win it.


#76 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!. If the sky is the limit, go to Hawaii and then do everything there you can do. Wonderful candy - thank you for the chance to win.

I am a follower and I am off to post it on my sidebard now.

I am also giving away candy if anyone is interested.

Thank you for looking


#78 - I am a follower!


#79 - well I am a home body - sooo, my best birthday ever is being at home with my family - of course they have cooked me a special dinner and bought me a yummy ice cream cake and I don't have to make lunches for the next day!
I hope you have a great birthday - doing what you like!


Best birthday ever for me would be a weekend trip with my honey and no kids to a bed and breakfast by the sea (in my case Lake Superior LOL). As a matter of fact, I think I'll start hinting....

I am blogging about your blog candy here:


i am Monica to Italia
happy candy


Great blog!!
For my BD I always love to relax, and have a good dinner with my best friends :-)


wow lovely blog candy! i dont have a blog yet (i can wait to start one..) but i will tell my friend about your blog candy :)

p.s: this is my mail if you need something:


WOWSER that is a yummy list of blog candy!!
I think a nice birthday would be to let the kids go spend the weekend with grandparents and then you and DH could have a careful weekend to do what you want.


I have become one of your followers and linked your blog candy to my sidebar. I hope it is okay I used your Stamp Something icon.....if not....let me know and I will delete it.



Sorry to hear that your birthday was not a good experience last year! I hope this year will be better. My fave birthday was my 25th when my hubby threw me a surprise party that really was a surprise! But obviously, you can't surprise yourself! SO I am going to suggest getting a group of friends together and going to dinner and a movie, that always cheers me up! Have a fabulous day! I've linked your candy to my blog.

62 Cards - Sammye Jo

# 87

I am now a follower! So glad I found your blog!

62 Cards - Sammye Jo

# 88

I lost my 18 year old brother a few days from my birthday 3 years ago. I know how hard it can be to find joy and happiness after a bad/horrible experience. The best birthday I could ask for had to be in 2005, just 4 days before my brother was killed in a car accident, my last with my whole family, parents, sister, brother, and our bf/gf's going out to eat. So my advice to you is to spend your birthday with the ones you love. There is no great gift than the time with them. You never know how much of it you have left!

I hope it is a great one for you!

62 Cards - Sammye Jo


Your link on my blog posts on Wednesday!

Thanks again!

Diane S

I am a follower,#90 wonderful giveaway! have a great b-day:)


A nice birthday is something I would also need. For many years now I have terible memories on the birthday.
The perfect one wolud be to wake up in the sunny morning with my two little boys and husband cuddling with me. Then have some time on my own and latter have a surprise party-picnic with best friends.
I would like lots of smilling, laughter and love.


Hi Erin!
Oh wowee what fab candy! You really are celebrating with this super prize!

Ok, heres why the 27th is a great day, it's the day my horse gave birth to a beautiful filly foal! I remember being in our hideout watching for her to give birth, and she waited until just before midnight when all was calm and still. It was such a magical moment!

"Amber" is now a beautiful chestnut mare, that I cherish everyday! When we moved to France from the UK, she came with us, enduring a long journey but it was all worth it!

So there's one good reason why I have such happy memories of the 27th June!

Shelly xx


Me again Erin!

My second comment (as I am already a follower) is to say "Happy Birthday" for the 27th! We shall also be celebrating that day!

If you are interested in seeing some pictures of Amber, you can find them on my blog (March 2009).

Shelly xx


I have linked this sweet candy in my special Candy Club Blog!
U r welcome!!!
p.s.i become a follower :)))



Hi Erin,

I think the best birthday is to see all people you like... family, friends and let yourself pampering.
(I hope you understand what I mean. My English isn't so good... :O( )

I linked your candy on my sidebar.
Thanks for the chance to win this great candy.

Greetings from Germany



I'm now a follower.

Hugs shortyrose


hello could be the best birthday celebration with a bonfire on a mountain with a nice dinner by candlelight with people who want to spend a good time sharing memories and anecdotes that make this celebration is important because a birthday is to thank one more year of life, learning and sharing memories as you leave do not forget that.


Hi! that's so beautiful and generous! thanks for a chance to win! I've just put a link to my candybar. My perfect birthday would be with my friends and my family, to have a dinner with them!


Now I am a follower!


Wow..what an awesome giveaway!
My husband and I always spend the night away from home on my birthday..usually near a casino!
it helps me forget about the


Creo q va en el #101 coment,
Definitivamente me encantaria festejar con una cena romantica con mi esposo "sin niños" y un graaaan regalo de cositas de scrap....

Te mando un gran abrazo desde México.
y te posteo en mi blog


Great candy Erin, I would so love to win. I never won a candy and my birthday is just in few days...(7/7!!!)
happy birthday!!!try to do something very special that will give you hours of good memories.
wish your day will be very special for you...


#103 I added your blog candy to my blog:

I would love a bday in Disney World!!!

-- dalis


Hi! #104 stopping in to say Happy Birthday! The best birthday that I remember was when my kids (then 8, 10, and 12) made me a birthday cake - rofl! Oh the mess!! But it was a wonderful day never to be forgotten :) I've added you to my blog here: and am a follower :) Thanks for the chance to win! Blessings!

Andreja - kokos

Wow, awesome candy!!!
I really can't think of anything about me right now. Sorry!
Here is my blog.
Thanks for the chance to win!!!
Hugs, Andreja

Andreja - kokos

I'm your follower now!
Here is my blog.

Kim Y.

Hi, Erin! Amazing candy!
I can't think of anything right now but I will back with my idea. I added your candy on my sidebar.


Post 108
Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy.
My idea for a best birthday would be a big party with friends and relatives. And to just have a lot of fun! Hope you have a nice birthday this year.

Carole RB

Hi Erin
Happy birthday, I wish you a very happy day full of joy and surprises.
My best bithrday was my 50th. No party so everyone was inviting me to restaurant. I went to restaurants quite all month with family members and great friends.
You have a great blog candy. I don't have a blog but I'll tell my friend about your blog.
Thanks for a chance to win.

Carole RB

Hi Erin
I'm back for my second chance. I'm a follower.


#111 I already a follower. My BIG 60 will be this Aug. and i would love to have the day just stamping in my craft room.


Comment 1 for being a follower!


Post #2

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day by spending some time for yourself!

Add on my blog too!


Post #114
This is sad, but my best birthday would be when I can go on a full-on shopping spree at a craft store of my choice. Okay, thanks for the chance to win! I'll be back with the other posts!


Post #115
I've become a follower and linked your candy on the sidebar of my blog here. Thanks for the extra chances to win!


Post #116
Alrightey, here's the 3rd chance to win with entering a Whimsy challenge! My card to Whimsy Challenge #5. This should be the last post, lol :D

Kim Y.

Hi again! I just submitted my card for this week's Thank you challenge over at Whimsy.

Best birthday ever: have a retreat with your fellower blog buddies for the weekend.



Best Birthday: going with family/ friends to forest/lake and have a picnic. Playing, swimming, eating - great fun!

I linked your candy to my blog and...



...I`m a follower :)

Have a nice weekend and great birthday!

Kym's Crafty Cards

Erin, enjoy your birthday. I hope you have a lovely special day. I would certainly love to be in with a chance of winning the blog candy as I’d put it to good use for my cards I make solely for charity.

There is a link to your blog candy in my sidebar

Best wishes

Kym xxx

Kym's Crafty Cards

Erin - I have also become a follower as well.

Erin, enjoy your birthday. I hope you have a lovely special day. I would certainly love to be in with a chance of winning the blog candy as I’d put it to good use for my cards I make solely for charity.

There is a link to your blog candy in my sidebar

Best wishes

Kym xxx


Great blog candy, thanks for the chance to win.

I posted your blog candy to my blog its fairly new and I still have to get it up and running 100%


I am now a follower


#124 - I would love to have an annual scrapbook/cardmaking weekend for my birthday but I'm a twin so it would be twice as fun!! Or maybe just a scrapbook/cardmaking session followed by a BBQ with my family. :-)
Please visit my sidebar to find your link to your candy blog. Looks very interesting!! Join mine too if you like!
Cards, Cards and More Cards

Kerry Stanek

I've posted your link on my blog at Thanks for the chance at this one!


Hi! What a beautiful candy.
Thanks for a chance to win!
I've just put a link to my blog -

My perfect birthday would be that my two boys wake me up and make me breakfast. Then later on I would meet with my friends and my family to have a picnic with live music.

Hugs, Danica


#127 and I'll follow you too ;)


Happy Birthday!
Your blog is super, and your candy too!!
I've posted a link to your blog on mine at
Have a great day


Erin is to sad that you have a bad birthday last year... just lets celebrate together... here... now you have tons of friends.. what better then that!!

Family.. feeling the love of my love one is the best birthday ever, especially as we are getting older sometimes is take for granted...





Wow what a birthday blog giveaway.

My best birthday ever was taking my kids and DH to Chucky Cheese.
We always get to pick where we want to eat for our birthdays and since my kids have never been there, they thought it was AWESOME.
My DH thought I was nuts!
It was a blast.


Wow, what a wonderful Blogcandy, thanks for the chance to win. I've linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower......

Number 131




Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity to win some lovely goodies!

I have become a follower & have also posted a link to your blog candy on my new blog's sidebar!

Best Birthday ever (in my dreams!!): To be greeted by my husband & babies with arms laden with crafting goodies, followed by a day out at a spa, I'd come home to a lovely romantic home-cooked dinner(by my husband) followed by a lovely chocolate cake without the "actual" amount of candles needed for my age!!


#133 I'm a follower.


Great blog candy!!! My idea of a great birthday would be to have all my girlfriends spend the day scrapbooking with me. I LOVE to scrap!!! Hope to win this great prize. I'm number 133.


i love your candy for your birthday you should do something fun like see a romantic movie or go to a spa have a great birthday i posted this on my candy bar i'm # 135

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I have just submitted a card to Whimsy Stamp Challenges #6.
Thank you for another chance to win this FABULOUS blog candy.
Here’s my card.


#138 I am a follower.


#139: Best B-day Ever - it's kind of trite, but I try to do all my favorite things. Go out to eat (for breakfast *and* lunch, even), go splurge on some new crafting goodies, go to a movie with df, then come home and unwind at my craft table with a cosmo! Whatever your thing is, do it up!



Okay--now this may seem silly---but what I keep telling DH I would like for my bday is to rent one of those moonwalks and just have it in the yard so I can jump in it all day!!! LOL TO me, taht would be a perfect bday--well, along with some margarita's!



Okay---I alos jsut became a follower!

Не Волшебница / Not the magician

# 142
I am a follower.

Не Волшебница / Not the magician

# 143
I have posted a link to your blog candy on my blog



144- Happy birthday! I think the best birthday is spending the day with the family, making breakfast, eating in bed, and then going out to lunch and a spa with the girlfriends, followed up with a date w/ the hubby! What more could a girl ask for?!


Oh, and I'm a follower!


#46 Hey, giving away presents on your birthday that's really great! My best birthday is when I don't have to do a thing that I don't WANT to! An entire day to do my favorite things. I'd love to win your birthday present to us!


#47 I'm a follower as well. Hope that this year you have a really super happy Birthday!


Darn in my posts I forgot to put the 1! I'm #146 and #147 not 46 and 47! Sorry


sweetie very good! I very much want her to win!
my link:

Marit Meijer.

Hi Erin,
Best brithday ever always is with the people you love, that way it does not matter when, where or how!

I'm a follower, and I've linked you in my sidebar... I guess I'm set to win this yummy candy!

Hugs, Marit.

Marit Meijer.

oops I'm # 148 & #149!
Forgot it...sorry!
Hugs, Marit.


Happy Birthday... I know it's not very original but I think my ideal birthday would have to involve waking up somewhere in the country to a breakfast of freshly brewed tea and baked bread and having my boyfriend finally propose to me in a suitably romantic fashion!! the meantime there is always crafting :) Your cards are lovely so I'm going to add you to my 'followed' blogs too!!

Julie E
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Julie E

#151 - (oops forgot it the first try!)
The best Birthday would be a day surrounded by family, where the kids do not fight and listen to every word you say :>) Perhaps that is a dream day! Make it a day where you do what the kids want to do during the day {seeing my kids smile makes me happy}, and then at night you and your husband can recreate your best date ever! Perhaps your first date, but in my case I got a little tipsy so that is not the one I would choose :>)


Best birthday ever was about two years ago. I had lived in this city for almost 12 years without any true friends. Since I started stamping, I've joined several groups. Now I have a core group of six women who are my nearest and dearest. Two years ago, we started the birthday club. The birthday girl gets to choose the place for lunch and the others pay for lunch and spend $120 to buy goodies for the birthday girl. While the gifts are always wonderful, spending a lunch / afternoon with my closest friends is the best gift ever.


Hope you have a wonderful birthday. Spending time with my friends always makes my birthday special to me. We have lunch, get presents, handmade cards and just have a great time

Jacquie Hart


WOW I hope that your birthday is much better this year sweets!!! Hmm I have often told DH to make a romantic time of my birthday because I hate getting a year older so if it is romantic then I don't feel so old!!!

I have posted this on the right sidebar of my blog

Thanks for the chance at this awesome goodies!!


Jacquie Hart


I also became a follower



Congrats your birhtday !!Onnea it`s finnis and meaning Happy.Be happy your birhtday..
I post link to my blog and i come your follower


I am a follower. Sorry I don't have a blog. Thanks for the chance at the great candy! Your website is gorgeous!


Hi Erin Happy Birthday :)
Mine's the 28th May you have a fantastic day filled with lots of exciting things to do :)
I'm Number 161
Whimsy Entry

Fun thing to do would Be a Birthday Savanger Hunt you get a Starting Point Early in the day with all these fantastic things you must do. Now it will take alot of planning on someone to plan this all along but in the end one fantastic Fun filled day
ie 1. Breakfast at fave place.
2. Mini Spa day w/ Massage :)
3. lunch with the girls
4. stops along the way to fave stores where you have to pick up clothing&jewelery for the nite out on the town
5 Candle lite dinner with some yummy desert (your fave of course)
6. Go out on the town and Dance the nite away
7. Followed the next day with breaky in bed . Because you'd need it :)

Have a great BD :)
Huggs Nikki C


Will follow you too and post a link on my blog for your BD candy
Nikki C


VAY............. Ya toge hachu.



Since Birthdays are a day for you the birthday girl I think the most perfect thing is a day of pampering! I have a manicure, a message chair pedicure! I am able to do some crafting. My family cooks my meals and supposed to clean up afterwards. Sometimes the next day I deal with the leftover clean up! Oh well, as I say if you want it done right do it yourself!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Denise Wells


I guess I am #165! I am a follower and would love to win! Such a good candy my eyes almost poppe out of my head!
Best birthday I can think of that would just be fabulous would be to wake up to breakfast waiting for me. A cup of my favorite coffee and unwrapping my gifts that are all lovely stuff for making cards lol.
Happy Birthday!


ok I am #166 too! I am posting a link and pic of your blog candy on my blog. Hapy Birthday again!
I hope that it is a peacefull day filled with many blessings for you.


Hi there. Count me #167 (gracious makes me feel like that's how old I am lol)

Okay, best birthday...better sit down for this one. No, seriously, I don't think anything would be better than having one of my grandchildren in my arms, rocking them to sleep. I think of the newest addition to our family. She is just 10 months and the sweetest little princess in the world. She will 'mush' into to when she is ready to be cuddled and put to sleep.

You may not believe me on this one until you are old enough to appreciate it. It's okay if I don't win, I'm sure there are many here who will have fabulous ideas. We have two grandsons Jeremey 17 and Jacob who is 11. They were wonderful babies, real cuddlers too. To have waited for so long to buy pink and to rock her to sleep is like a dream come true.

Blessings on your birthday and may the sad memories be washed away.

Jeannette aka Jnett or NanaNett
(who as of right now doesn't have a blog, but see I may have to start one)


#167 - Wow, an amazing offer and thanks for giving us presents for your birthday!

The best birthday ever...hmmmmmm....

Well, my birthday is in December and so very close to Christmas. It is always hard to celebrate because everyone is so busy that time of year. As a kid, all of my friends were gone for Christmas vacation when my birthday rolled around. As an adult, it seemed everyone was so involved in the last minute push to complete everything for Christmas. Having a big party was always such a problem.

My dad totally surprised me one year. We have a small tradition of going shopping, having lunch, and just spending the day together to shop for my mom for Christmas. We have done it every single year my whole life. It is our tradition. Daddy and I made plans to do our shop on my birthday. I was a little disappointed, but it fit in our schedules the best.

Well, my Dad is the best. We started out our day, and first he said we had to go to breakfast. We had a lovely breakfast, and the staff there came out and sang me "Happy Birthday".

We shopped a while, then went to a store, where there was a gift waiting for me. Imagine my surprise! Later we had lunch, and again, the staff sang "Happy Birthday".

Later, we went to get my mom a dozen roses (another tradition). I always give my mom a dozen roses or carnations on my birthday. Without her, there wouldn't be a me. To my surprise, there was a dozen there for me from my Daddy.

Lastly, we went to dinner. Dad picked out a great place I loved that had the best steak and lobster. When we went in to be seated, the whole family was there with balloons, presents, and most of all smiles and hugs.

We had an amazing meal, and my favorite New York Cheesecake for dessert. We all visited and just had a wonderful time enjoying everyone's company.

It was the best day. I got to spend a fantastic day with my dad. He spoiled me at every turn, and then the day ended with a nice party. It was my most memorable birthday.

I hope you have a memorable day filled with family, friends and love.



Comment #169 - I now added you in my following list!

Thanks again for another chance at this great candy offer.

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Poster #170
Ohhh goodie goodie... a birthday! I think each year you really should celebrate making it to yet another year, that alone is an accomplishment. First priority - treat yourself well, Second - surround yourself with people who love you and Thirs WEAR MATCHING UNDERWEAR... preferrably new ;) That's my personal favourite... not very creative but certainly memorable, and enjoyable!! Otherwise, have fun (in your matching underwear) YAY!!



#171 - wow!

First of all let me say that I am a follower and was more than happy to add your blog candy to my blog

Creativity Bug

Secondly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Lastly, the best way to spend your birthday is with all the ones you love surrounding you. My favorites alway include having a cookout, kids playing in the sprinklers, and everyone laughing & having a good time.



#173-The best birthday present i could have i couldnt tell you its too personal but the second best would be to have a craftroom designed aspecially for me and to be let loose in a craft shop with money no object:)


For the best birthday ever: Do something for someone you love. Make it totally unexpected. Then do something even better just for you.

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Poster #175

Happy Birthday.

Best B-day ever to have: a trip to Disey World, eat breakfast with the kids at a character dining place, while having lunch have Mickey Mouse and friends sing Happy Birthday to me, enjoy the rides with my family, but the best part would be the end of the day. The kids are with a babysitter while DH and I go to dinner at Cinderella's Castle just the two of use. While there we are spoiled by Cinderella herself and her prince. Then my own prince (DH) gets down on his knee and has me try on a glass slipper that fits (just like the princess) and asks me to marry him all over again :)

I also added your blog candy to the sidebar of my blog


Have joined your band of followers and will mention your fabulous candy on my blog. Hope you have a fantastic birthday.
Jenni x

LilyPuss Cards

Happy Birthday..fabulous candy!!

My best birthday ever would be wined and dined by George Clooney...well a girl can



Number 178
Hi Erin wishing you every happiness on your birthday.

My best birthday would to have a relaxing day surrounded by family...and the best gift ever would be for Jack to be able to say 'Happy Birthday Mum'

Thanks for the chance to win such fabulous candy...I have linked you on my blog. Debbie x


Hope you have a great birthday!! I have become a follower, added a link on my blog's sidebar & hope to create a card or two for the Whimsy Stamps challenge blog (don't have any stamps of my own yet but have some images that I received from another challenge).

My best birthday present (I actually got the gift certificate for Christmas but waited as long as I could and used it close to my birthday) was a total body massage!! I actually fell asleep!! :)

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!!

My name is Wynneth

No 180

Hi Erin - best birthday ever would start with champagne and strawberries served to me in bed, followed by a leisurely shower. Then, a chauffeur driven rolls royce would collect me and deliver me to a lovely spa resort where I would be greeted as if I was their most frequent customer. I would have lovely aromatherapy massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and head massage. During the day I would be served with a delicious lunch of lobster salad with a chilled glass of cranberry juice. At the end of this lovely day, my hair would be styled just how I like it and then the chauffer would collect me and take me to a designer boutique where I would choose a complete new outfit. Then the car would take me to a very expensive restaurant where my DH and family would be waiting for me and we would have a truly special meal and all of us would be delivered home in the rolls at the end of the evening! Aahhh.... if only.... LOL

Would love to win your Candy - it's awesome. I'm now a follower and will put a link on my blog.



182 - What a fabulous candy! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

Best birthday ideas - I'm pretty easy to please really so I would just like dinner out and time with my family. Oh, and a large scrappy spending spree would be pretty awesome too!! :)

patty w


My best birthday was last year, the kids and hubby took me camping and they did all the set-up and clean up etc. They even bought me a new camp chair and hung a sign on it that director on it! Too cute and we all had a blast!

patty w

#185 ...following


Post #186...
Best birthday EVER idea:
1)Do what you want with who you want where you want no matter what anybody thinks... afterall, it's not THEIR birthday!
2)Eat tons of cake and ice cream... it's fat free on your birthday!
3) Kisses kisses everywhere!


I'm a follower!



Here's my first EVER Whimsy Challenge link!!



I posted about your Birthday Blog Candy in my sidebar here:


I'm pretty simple on birthdays. While it would be nice to be whisked away to Hawaii with flowers and a special meal...I, at this stage in my life, like a quite evening at home with friends and family with or without a cake. Hope your birthday is the BEST!



I forgot to number mine so I'll take #190 for Hawaii or an evening at home


#191 I'm with you on bad memories for b-day - I had my house sprayed by a skunk on my b-day last year LOL! I have to say my favorite idea for my b-day would be lots of phone calls and well wishes from friends and family, a surprise gift or two from my hubby and kids, and of course dinner at my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. I hope you have the most fabulous b-day ever, and the memories of the last one banished to never never land LOL!


#192 post on my blog you know time and chemo has taken my mine I can't remember one birthday as a child. So I guess when I have my 60th birthday I would like to have a big party with all my family there that I have made it for 5 years after breast cancer


#193 I'm following your blog I hope this is the way you wanted this done


#194 doing the blog hop fun fun fun

Chris Olsen, Glowbug

#195 Happy Birthday!!! My daughters birthday is on Saturday also. We are having 30 people staying here for the entire weekend for a family get together. Great birthday for her but busy for me!!

I think the best birthday for me is having quiet time where I can read and stamp for a while, have lunch with the family, and have dinner and spend the night out at a hotel with my hubby. Have never been away from our kids for a night yet.

Chris Olsen, Glowbug

I posted a link on my blog and have been a follower.

Dawn you my birthday is a sad reminder also,this is the day my father passed, I stopped celebrating until I figured out I need to volunteer to help others so that is what I do for my birthdays now.Every year I choose a new way to help someone else and I really enjoy my day. May you have a blessed birthday sweetie.


#197 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I posted on my blog, HERE IS MY ENTRY.

The best bday. Hmmm, I could put alot of things for that. If there was no limit to the money, I'd want to go to Vegas. But, I'd like a gigantic Vegas crop with lots of fellow scrappers to enjoy the day creating and giveaways. There'd be people like Tim Holtz, Theresa Collins, Jessica Sprague, Ingvild Bolme & my AMR friends to teach classes. But included in this bday celebration my family would be there to help me celebrate when the crop was over. Take the kids to see the dolphins at Mirage, visit Circus Circus, go on the go-carts, maybe try the wind tunnel thats like sky diving and then the pool. After all that, a babysitter to take care of the little ones while DH and I take in the sights of Vegas. Dinner, drinks and a show.

Now for reality....I wake up with my family wishing me Happy Birthday. We enjoy a breakfast that was cooked for me and make plans for my bday dinner. During the time between, family and friends come over for some Gutiar Hero Challenges. Then off my DH and I would go to the Lobster in Santa Monica, California for a delicious dinner with drinks. We'd be sitting by the window looking out at the ocean, eating lobster. Quietly talking. Afterwards, we'd walk along the beach enjoying a romantic moment.

I hope you have a beautiful bday filled with loved ones who have lots of scrappy presents in hand.... LOL


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!


#199 I am a follower and I added you to my blog roll...


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!


#200! What a great giveaway. Have a wonderful birthday! I would love it if hubby packed up a surprise picnic and whisked me away for my birthday. Even though my birthday is in December, so we'd have to bundle up! lol!

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