Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paige Update!!!!!

This is from Paige's mom............
hello erin. this is racquel welch, paige's mum. where do i start???? thank you i guess would be good. i can't tell you how much all of the cards she has received so far have done for her. she looks forward to mail call every day. her spirits are still high....thanks to you and all of your blog friends. the doctors were able to save quite a bit of her arm. she will have a working elbow making it so much easier to fit her with a prosthetic arm (not for several more months). her last surgery on 09/09/09 was the worst pain wise but the best results wise. muscle, veins, an artery, a nerve and skin were removed from the right side of her back(from under her arm to her hip). a 10 by 5 inch piece of skin was also taken from her right thigh and these were all grafted to her arm to allow her to eventually use the new limb. she had a few set backs and her suffering was almost my undoing but she pulled through and might be discharged from the hospital this thursday or friday. she loves all the cards and the gifts. and yes she likes the beaded necklace with the butterfly pendant. as well as the stamps, bookmarks, stickers and blank card to use for herself and all the other very thoughtful and creative goodies that keep filling her room and her heart. she is so amazed when she receives the cards from overseas. i can never thank you all enough for what you have done and continue to do. we are hopeful at returning to our home in nh by october. please forgive my lack of capitals and punctuation as i have the use of one hand only at the moment and typing is difficult especially as i was a 2 finger typist in the first place. both paige and i will require at least a year to recover from our injuries but i am thrilled to announce that my nephew's is coming along sooner than expected. thank you again to all of you especially erin for starting this.

my thanks and love to you all,
racquel, paige and clarke


Thanks for stoppin' by!



Wonderful news Erin, thank you for keeping us updated with Paige´s progress.
Nicola -x-


Thanks for keeping the update Erin! I'm so glad to hear that Paige is doing better & the cards are brightening her days.

Take care,


That is wonderful news!! Thanks so much for the update Erin! :)


Wonderful news thank you for telling! Hugs,moni

Leah the Orange

thank you SO much for sharing this with us, Erin! you are a wonderful neighbour and friend to have thought to do something so nice. clearly it has made a big difference in her daily struggle at the hospital.

i'm so glad she liked the necklace! :)


Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that she come home soon.

~Denise Lynn~

Thanks for the update Erin. So happy to hear that Paige might be coming home soon. And I just want to say, WAY TO GO ladies, all that have helped to lift Paige's spirits, you are all wonderful! :)


Great news! I'm so glad she is in good spirits! :)
I'm sure she will be very glad to be back in her own bed at home this week! Thanks for sharing the update on Paige!


paige's mom again.

we got the green light!!! paige will be discharged on thursday afternoon!!!! we will stay with her nana in boston for a few weeks as she will have followup visits with the doctors. she will also have a visiting nurse at the house everyday to change her dressings. the trip home to nh is drawing nearer!!!

thank you again to all!!!!!



This little girl's story just makes me well up with tears with each update. How lovely of her mum to write and good to know how they are all doing. I'm glad your card appeal has been so successful. It seems such a small thing to have done. Please keep us updated. Marianne x


Awww...that's great news! :0)
I posted my card on hopefully it won't take too long to reach her.
Helen x


That's great news Erin, glad to hear Paige is pulling through. Keep us all up to date with future progress.
Hugs, Shelly x

Linda Peterson

Erin, thanks for the wonderful report. I am so happy that all of you are healing. I will pray that it continues.
Linda Peterson


Wow, this made me cry. What a lot for a little girl to endure. So glad the cards have done there job lifting her spirits and glad to hear she'll be released tomorrow.


thank you Erin for the update!! wow, Praise the Lord for this news. I'm happy for Paige, i was reading and tears came out, she is brave, God bless her.

Erin you rock doing this :)



So glad to hear that!! And bless you, for starting this!!

Lisa H.

what great news! thanks for sharing!


wauw what a tutching note! you were so welcome :)



we are home by nana's!!!!! paige is doing so well. she is able to walk now and sit up in a chair. her appetite is back and she is able to sleep through the night now without a nurse or doctor barging in to poke or prod her. no more needles for a long time!!!!

thank you again to all of you!!!!



Wonderful news Erin - thanks for keeping us informed! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex


Wow! That is fantastic! Good going Paige and Paiges mom! You are truly strong people!

I wish you the very best for the future and hope that this promising healing prosess will continue!